Great news for trout/steelhead fishing on the Lower Sacramento River 

600,000 Steelhead Trout released into the Sacramento River
(Via KRCR News Channel 7)


New Blog/site

For anyone who comes across the site please understand it’s just under construction. It will be dedicate primarily to matters of the environment with regard to the much abused waterways here in California. But much of the abuse applies to other watersheds not only in the USA but around this world. 


Sac River and Salmon Gozzila 

monster was found dead after spawning on Battle Creek, a trib to the Lower Sacramento River.  It’s presumably  a hatchery fish since it was found close to the Colman Fish Hatchery.  The weight was estimated to be 85lbs, but it’s alive weight when entering the Lower Sac was more like 90lbs plus.  This is good news considering the very poor salmon run this year.